Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Days 15 - 19

Another Finished Object!

I spent most of days 15-19 handsewing the binding on my "Batik Stars" quilt. Here is how it turned out.

The fabric for this quilt was bought at two different quilt stores. I made a quilt with batiks a few years ago but hadn't used them much after that. I went to the Pacific West Quilt Show and came across the Sew Batik booth and was obsessed. I bought a kit and a ton of fat quarters. The kit was sent to a friend for a wedding but I didn't have a project for the fat quarters. I found the class to make this quilt at my local quilt store and I decided to use the batiks. I figured out what fabric I needed and headed to the Sew Batik booth at the Pacific International Quilt Show to buy the rest of my fabrics. This quilt show is amazing. It is held in a huge convention center and it takes us two days to get through everything. There are amazing quilts from all over the world and tons and tons of booths. I can't go very often because I come home with way too much fabric.

Speaking of too much fabric, I ended up coming home with WAY too many batik fat quarters from the trips to the two quilt shows. Since I am trying to do a little stash busting, I decided to put the extras to use. Here is the back of the quilt:

I am off for a few days of vacation and will pick up where I left off on day 20 when I get back. Next up are two more quilts to bind and a lot of quilting.

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